Top 10 Processors

TeraPlast Recycling’s processing capacity places it among the top 10 largest European rigid PVC recyclers.


TeraPlast Recycling aims to increase PVC waste collection and recycling on the Romanian market.

We care about the environment

We aim to minimize the impact our products have on the environment.

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TeraPlast Recycling’s Products

Depending on the type of finished product, a PVC product can have a lifespan of between one and 40-50 years:


  • 1-5 years (Film, medical equipment – Plastified PVC);
  • 5-15 years (pipes used for agriculture, floors, wiring, with the exception of those used for construction, roofs – Plastified PVC);
  • Over 15 years, reaching up to 40-50 years (window and door profiles, pipes used for construction and infrastructure, wiring used for construction – Rigid PVC).

TeraPlast’s Production Facilities

The PVC Products factory, Saratel
- PVC pipes division
- PVC granules division
The Polyolefin factory, Saratel
- PE tanks division
- PP and PVC fittings division
- PP pipes division
- Thermoformed products division
The Politub pipes factory, Saratel
- Fittings manufacturing shop
- Corrugated PE pipes division (low-density PE)
- PE pipes division (high-density PE) – for the transport and distribution of water and gas, cable protection, etc.
Tonnes – TeraPlast Recycling’s annual processing capacity
Tonnes – The quantity of post-use PVC from demolition or construction which reaches Romanian garbage dumps every year.
Tonnes – The rigid PVC waste quantity which TeraPlast Recycling will have to import in 2019
The maximum number or recycling which PVC can go through without losing its properties.
Kilograms – The quantity of carbon dioxide saved for every 1000 kilograms of recycled rigid PVC

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