Integrity Warnings Policy

The current policy sets out how TeraPlast Recycling receives, processes, investigates and resolves complaints regarding breaches of integrity rules, principles, values or conduct, as regulated by national and European legislation, as well as the company’s code of ethics and conduct, internal policies and procedures.

Through the Whistleblowing system created, TeraPlast Recycling encourages individuals who have, in a professional context, objective information related to violations of laws or integrity rules by the company, its employees or collaborators, to report these irregularities through reporting channels provided.

TeraPlast Recycling will initiate all the necessary actions, according to the legal regulations, for the analysis and solution of the identified irregularities, as well as the context that allowed their occurrence. Through this action we join the European directives and the company’s initiatives to support a high level of ethics and professional behavior in all the activities we carry out, thus promoting a sustainable and efficient business model.

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